AAIP is Arena’s complete Career Program, designed to train students in the latest industry-relevant animation courses and technical tools. AAIP’s Intensive Course Curriculum and Experienced Training are designed to give one the competitive edge in the world of Animation. With AAIP, one can become a full-fledged Animation Professional armed with superior Technical Skills and can confidently create a rewarding career for himself in the Animation Industry.

AAIP in Qatar is a yearly based program. At the end of each year, students have to appear for the Final Exams. Students receive Certificate and Performance Statement after successful completion of each year. AAIP is a 3 years long program.

The Course is delivered in a laddered approach wherein a student begins to learn the Basics of Design and proceeds learning 2D animation, 3D Animation and eventually Advanced 3D Animation. Throughout the course, the students contribute to develop their own full-fledged portfolio. Each student works towards the development of a year portfolio. The portfolio contains a presentable collection of his work related to the year. Sample case studies are given to the students to help them create their portfolios. Through project-based works in conjunction with theoretical and practical experience, students explore different ways to put ideas into practice while developing their portfolios. Finally, at the end of the course the students create Portfolio Reel comprising of all the portfolios created during the course which helps them showcase their talent. This portfolio is a requirement for successful completion of the final Arena Animation international Program (AAIP) course.
Salient Features of AAIP
  A complete Animation Career Program
  Industry relevant curriculum
  Laddered learning – learn animation in the increasing order of complexity
  E-Projects at regular intervals
  Upgraded versions of software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop, InDesign, Audition, Premier,
    3ds Max, V-Ray, After Effects, Maya, ZBrush, Golaem Crowd and RenderMan
  Also includes concept based modules like Design and Visualization Fundamentals, Graphics & Illustration
    Fundamentals, Design for Print and Advertising, Anatomy Study, Concepts of 2D Animation, 3D Basics, etc.
  Practical application of tools & software
  Specialization in the area of interest
  Creating Portfolio Demo Reel in the area of interest
  Industry visits & workshops
Target Audience
  High School students
  Fine Arts, Commerce, Science or Arts students
  Students with a creative bent of mind
  Passionate for Design and Animation
Credit towards University Degree

Arena students after completing their full AAIP course are eligible for the final year admissions to “BA (Hons) Animation” or “BA (Hons) 3D Animation and Games” with the Middlesex University.


Disclaimer: Arena does not guarantee its students any Credit Transfer or Admission to any university. It is at the discretion of each individual university to evaluate and offer or reject any credits to students based on their academic performance. Students must also satisfy all the admission and immigration requirements of the university and its host country.

AAIP Program provides with 3 Certificate options as exhibited below
Year -1
Year -2
Year -3
Job Opportunities

2D Animator, 3D Animator, 3D Generalist,  3D Modeler, 3D Motion Graphics Artist, Advert Designer, Flash Animator, Background & Prop Modeler, Camera Tracker,  Channel Packaging Artist, Character Animator, Character Modeler, Cloth Simulation Artist, Color Correction Artist, Compositor, Creative Director, Digital Painting Artist, Game Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer,  Hair & Fur Artist, Interactive Contents Creator, Interior & Exterior Designer, Layout Designer, Lighting Artist, Lipsync & Facial Expression Artist, Matchmover, Matte Painter, Medical Animator, Motion Graphic Artist, Packaging Designer, Photo Editor, Pixilation Artist, Visualizer, Presentation Artist, Product Designer, Promo Designer, Rendering Artist, Rigging Artist, Roto Artist, Shading Artist, Sound Editor, Special Effects Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Interactive Designer, Texturing Artist, Tracking & Match-Moving Artist, Video Editor, Webpage Designer, Projection Mapping Specialist, Augmented Reality Artist and Golaem Crowd Artist/Simulator