Short Term Courses
Design and Visualization Fundamentals Design and Visualization Fundamentals 16
Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals 16
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creative Illustrations 20
CorelDRAW X6 Creating Artworks 20
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Image Magic 40
Design for Print and Advertising Design for Print and Advertising 14
Adobe InDesign CS6 Media Publishing 28
Anatomy Study Anatomy Study 16
Adobe Audition CS6 Working with Audio 16
Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Video Streaming and Editing 28
Concepts of 2D Animation Concepts of 2D Animation 20
Adobe Flash CS6 Professional 2D Digital Animation 44
ZBrush 8 Digital Sculpting 20
3D Basics - Modeling to Animation 3D Basics - Modeling to Animation 32
3ds Max 2015 Modeling with 3D 48
Lights, Camera and Materials 24
3D Motion Graphics and Fx 24
3ds Max 2015 with V-Ray Rendering with V-Ray 16
Adobe After Effects CS6 Professional Digital Fx 24
Maya 2015 Modeling with Maya 24
Texturing with Maya 16
Lighting and Rendering with Maya 24
Character Animation with Maya 12
Rigging with MAYA 16
Paint Effects and Dynamics using Maya 20
Realistic Features with Maya 8
Matchmoving and Camera Tracking 8
And many more -------------------------------------------- ----