Overview and Objective

This year lays the foundation to learn Design, Visualization, Graphics and Illustration Skills and also enhances skills in Anatomy Study, Storyboarding, 2D Animation and Audio features.

Learning Outcomes
  Understand various Visualization and Imagery Techniques
  Understand Fundamentals of Graphics and various aspects of Drawings
  Understand the Scope and Application of Typography in Contemporary Society
  Create Artworks/Illustrations
  Use Image Editing Tools and Retouch Images
  Understand functional aspects of Print Advertising
  Design and Publish a Page Layout for Magazine and Brochures
  Understand importance of Anatomy in Animation
  Construct Poses in different Actions
  Explain the evolution and importance of Animation
  Explain the Techniques of Animation
  Create, Record and Edit Audio
  Edit and Composite Videos
  Create Vector Graphics and 2D Digital Animation
  Design and Visualization Fundamentals
  Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals
  Creative Illustrations
  Creating Artworks
  Image Magic
  Design for Print and Advertising
  Media Publishing
  Print Portfolio (Project based on Image Magic Creative Illustrations/Creating Artworks)
  Anatomy Study
  Working with Audio
  Video Streaming and Editing
  Concepts of 2D Animation
  2D Digital Animation
  2D Animation Portfolio (Project based on Image Magic, 2D Digital Animation, Working with Audio and Video,
    Streaming and Editing)
Software Taught
  Adobe Illustrator CS6
  Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended
  Adobe IndesignCS6
  Adobe Audition CS6
  Adobe Premier Pro CS6
  Adobe Flash CS6 Professional