Overview and Objective
This year covers 3D Animation and Special Effects.
Learning Outcomes
  Demonstrate knowledge of Still Photography and Studio Lighting Techniques while Creating Animations
  Apply the Principles of 3D Modeling, Rigging and Animation while creating Motion Graphics
  Use Studio Lighting, Three-Point Lighting and Day Light System while Creating Models in 3ds Max
  Understand the use of Dynamic 3D Camera Movement.
  Apply the various Shaders, Materials and Textures on 3D Models
  Use different Modifiers and Tools to create stunning Motion Graphics in 3ds Max
  Render the different Passes in VRay
  Create Digital Motion Graphics and Composite Images
  Prepare 3D Models using various Modeling Tools
  Create and Edit Textures which are the most vital contributing factor to the aesthetics of the Animation
  Create Dramatic Studio Lighting using the various Lighting Techniques in Maya
  3D Basics - Modeling to Animation
  Modeling with 3D
  Lights, Camera and Materials
  3D Motion Graphics and Fx
  Rendering with V-Ray
  Digital Fx
  3D Animation / Architectural Visualization Portfolio (Project based on Modeling with 3D, Lights, Camera and
    Materials and 3D Motion Graphics and FX)
  3D Modeling
  Digital Sculpting
  Lighting and Rendering
Software Taught
  3ds Max 2015
  3ds Max with V-Ray
  Adobe After Effects CS6 Professional
  Maya Unlimited 2015
  ZBrush 8