Overview and Objective

This year covers advanced 3D Animation Techniques with Specialization in the area of interest and Portfolio Development.

Learning Outcomes
  Apply Rigging on various Models
  Create a Skeleton and apply Skinning Techniques
  Explain the Technique of Morphing
  Explain the concept of Walk Cycle
  Explain the various Poses and Gestures in 3D Modeling
  Explain Rendering in Animation
  Render images in different Passes in an Animation
  Explain 3D Camera Tracking
  Explain Match Moving and Animating Techniques
  Use Objects and Animation in Source Footage
  Explain Dynamics and Particles
  Explain the Basic Attributes, Settings, and Forces used for Creating VFX
  Describe the different Dynamic Modifiers
  Explain 3D Projection Mapping
  Understand the use of Architecture Modeling in 3D Projection Mapping
  Use Perspective, Proportionate Scaling, Distortions, and Transitions while creating 3D Models
  Understand Three Dimension with regard to Augmented Reality
  Understand the Fundamentals of Augmented Reality
  Use Augmented Reality
  Use Golaem Crowd for Crowd Simulation
  Use Pixar RenderMan
  Character Animation
  Dynamics and Realistic Features
  MatchMoving and Camera Tracking
  Specialization (Choose 1 Elective)
Modeling & Texturing
Lighting & Rendering
Rigging & Animation
  Character Animation Portfolio (Project based on Character Animation with Maya)
  Projection Mapping
  Augmented Reality
  Crowd Simulation
  Pixar RenderMan
  Portfolio Demo Reel (Project based on Projection Mapping)
Software Taught
  Maya Unlimited 2015
  3ds Max 2015
  GolaemCrowd 3.0
  RenderMan 8
And at the end of the Program the Student shall walk out as a well-trained, Professional Animator